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Knowmore about Scoopi Cafe

Scoopi Café is a family business.

The concept was discovered during a trip of the Doshi brothers to the United States, where they learned about the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream methodology and decided to bring and implement the same concept in the United Arab Emirates.

The first boutique gourmet café was opened in Jumeirah Beach Road on December 2nd 2014.

After a very intensive research for the right flavors and products so that the consumer of the UAE market would be introduced with the best of the best. After intensive training and preparations followed by passion to create a product of the highest range, Scoopi Café was created…

Along with Scoopi Café`s opening, the signature ice cream, The Black Diamond was introduced, which is Dubai`s most expensive ice cream.

Not only its launching made a sensation to the local and international market, but Scoopi Cafe`s products, all prepared in-house and in front of the customer became the town`s MUST TRY location.

A few months later, the opening of the second location in Marina Mall followed up.
With the concept of liquid nitrogen ice cream, the Doshi brothers wanted to expand further, so they decided to start making hand crafted chocolates as well.

They carefully picked up the finest raw materials from France and embraced the Belgian methodology.

Our original aim was to offer good quality products, in attractive packaging, at reasonable prices and we have managed to maintain this philosophy throughout.